Automated reference taking with EveryCheck

Reference point automated

Our solution for automated reference taking from former managers allows a quick identification of the candidate's skills.

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Use our automated solution for your reference taking

Compose your reference questionnaire for the former managers of your candidates, we take care of the rest

Identify the skills

Our algorithm processes the answers provided by managers to draw up a profile of your candidates' skills.

Gain in speed and efficiency

Get feedback from former managers very quickly with our automated solution. References are taken within 48 hours.

Compliance with the RGPD and the legal framework

Taking references must respect a strict legal framework, including candidate authorization, which we follow to the letter.

Free up your time

Free up your time by entrusting us with your reference taking, a task that can be very time consuming!

Automated reference taking with an EveryCheck: A simple process


Definition of the questionnaires

Use our templates of questionnaires to personalize for each type of position


Sending questionnaires to former managers

Baseline questionnaires are automatically sent to former managers


View the candidate's skills profile

Our algorithm generates a report highlighting the candidate's business skills, soft skills and strengths.

3 simple and easy steps for recruiters

We proceed to the verification of the professional experiences contained in the CV, in addition to the diplomas.

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