Three options to secure your hires

Our hiring security solution is based on a factual check of CV information, and can be enhanced with two other options: reference checks with former managers and security checks up to criminal records.

The basic solution: verification of diploma and experience

With the verification of the CV of your future employees, you secure your hiring by checking the authenticity of the diplomas and experiences presented to the recruiter.

This is the foundation of our reference checking solution, on which the other services we offer (reference taking and security check) are based

Check the authenticity of the following items:

  • Identity card of the applicant
  • Qualifications of the candidate
  • Professional experience of the CV: dates and job titles, actual type of contract (fixed term, permanent…), reason for ending contract.

Identify skills: take references from former managers

Go further in the knowledge of the skills of your future collaborator with an automated reference taking.

  • Define your reference-taking questionnaires by job type by selecting questions from our database
  • The questionnaire is sent automatically to former managers.
  • Our algorithm generates a report highlighting the business skills, soft skills and strengths of the candidate

Take the check further: security check up to the criminal record

Use this option for advanced pre-employment security screening.

The following items are checked:

  • Right to work in France
  • Entrepreneurial status Code of conduct
  • Criminal record
  • Media and political exposure