The Data Validation plateform

How do we proceed?

A multi-dimentional service

1. Data collection

We are collecting data through many paths: Blockchain, API, FTP, SAAS...

2. Classification

Our Plateform gathers the data and isolate key informations.

3. Verification

Our team confirms the truthfulness of your informations and respect the GDPR rules.

4. Restitution

We send you a full verification report, it can be customised at your colours and available in 7 languages.

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Since 2015, Everycheck works on a high quality product, fast and reliable.

We aim to answer your requieries with sharpness. We built the most efficiente platform to be able to bring back the trust in your recruitment.

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4 key aspects we are committed to


Respect of personal data and GDPR guidelines is a key focus

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Made in france

Our data centers and technical platforms are based in France

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Connect to our services with a 100% digital experience

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EveryCheck chose to engage on 5 core ethical values :

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