Checking a CV

Employment History verification

We check the accuracy of the professional experience contained in the CV. Dates, job title, type of contract and reason for termination.

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What elements of the CV are checked?


Dates of employment

The precise dates of the experiments are controlled to the month.


Position or title

We check that the position mentioned on the CV is the one held by the candidate.


Types of contracts and reasons for termination

CDD, CDI, interim...the status is checked, as well as the reason for the end of the contract (dismissal, resignation etc.)

We proceed to a verification of the factual elements of the CV

We proceed to the verification of the professional experiences contained in the CV, in addition to the diplomas.

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How do we verify work experience?

We use a combination of technological tools developed in-house and the know-how of a team based in Rennes to check CVs in less than 48 hours in 90% of cases!

A multicultural team and a network of international partners also allows us to check CVs and diplomas all over the world

1 CV out of 8 contains a major discrepancy with reality

Before making an offer to a candidate, confirm your good impression. Unfortunately, many resumes are misleading:


of resumes contain a discrepancy with reality


of resumes contain a serious lie

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