Checking resumes with EveryCheck

Why check resumes and diplomas with EveryCheck?

Legality, efficiency, budget optimization, respect of personal data, candidate experience... you have everything to gain by checking resumes with EveryCheck.

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Why check resumes and take references?

Gain security and compliance

Checking diplomas and resumes drastically reduces the risk of hiring a profile that is dangerous for the company, and allows you to gain compliance.

Reduce your turnover

Candidates who have been vetted for their skills before hiring are more likely to stay with the company for a long time. Our clients confirm this

Improve the quality of your recruitment

Hire more competent and honest employees by verifying their transparency and competence through reference checks.

Verified profiles placed with your clients

Reassure your clients about the seriousness of the consultants, temporary employees and candidates you place by checking their professional background.

Why trust EveryCheck with your CV and diploma checks?

Because we are the French specialists in CV and diploma verification ;-)

Speed and efficiency

Our organization and our technology allow us to verify resumes in 48 hours with 100% reliability.


The verification of CVs must respect a strict legal framework, including candidate authorization, which we follow to the letter.

Compliance with RGPD

Our checks are respectful of the RGPD and the CNIL guidelines. The data is stored in France and anonymized after 2 years.

Optimized budget and freed up teams

Free your teams from the time-consuming tasks of checking resumes and taking references from 59€ per month.

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