Check a Tenant

We ensure the completeness, creditworthiness and
veracity of the information in the rental files.
Our fast and compatible solution with
“Unpaid Rent Guarantee” insurance

Vérifier un dossier locataire


Tenant easily

Vérifier un dossier locataire

Send the file
by email
or via ATS

Autorisation prise de références locataires

Online signature
of the background
by the tenant

Faux dossier immobilier

Verification of the file's elements

Références locataire

Report delivered
within 48 hours

We check the completeness, validity and veracity of the documents present in a real estate file: proof of identity, proof of income, tax domiciliation etc.

15% of the real estate files verified by EveryCheck do not meet the acceptance criteria.

more trust

Check your
candidate's solvency

Check your
candidate's documents


For their hiring

As a management firm, our clients mandate us to find and choose their tenants.

We use EveryCheck to check the applications, this reassures us that the file will be made up of real documents.

David Amiel

Ceti Immobilier

Working with EveryCheck brings us real time and efficiency savings.

Their services allow us to free ourselves from the time-consuming tasks of everyday life.

The administration and verifications of real estate files provide us with simpler and better organized management within our teams.

Marie Duval

Groupe Duval

Is CV verification legal?

Since a law passed in 1992, your potential employer has the right and the duty to verify the veracity of what you have written on your CV. The recruiter is responsible for informing you of the recruitment assistance methods and techniques that will be used.

What checks will be carried out?

We will verify the factual elements of the documents that you will send us, we only refer to the information present on the document.

Is this service in accordance with the GDPR?

EveryCheck ensures, with the help of specialized lawyers, that its process is fully compliant (CNIL & RGPD).

Where is your data stored?

Your data is stored in France and will be destroyed after 2 years.