Check your future Tenant

We make sure of the completeness, the solvency
and the veracity of the information in the files
of rental. Our solution is fast and compatible with
the Unpaid Rent Guarantee insurance

We check the files of your future tenants.

1. Sending the file

through your customer area or your ERP.

2. Signature of the authorization

online by the tenant.

3. Checking the elements

of the files.

4. Delivery

of the report in 6 hours.

We check the completeness, validity and veracity of the documents in a real estate file

Make sure your tenants are creditworthy

We calculate for you the exact effort rate by taking into account the premiums and the tax rate

Gain confidence

Don't be worried anymore when reading a file, we accompany you from beginning to end

Avoiding false files

It is nowadays very easy to falsify a document thanks to photoshop or an equivalent software

Don't limit yourself to validating the tax form

We contact the employers and analyze the financial data in detail, so be reassured when you read a tenant file


tenants make up their paychecks


present documents that do not belong to them

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