Check your future tenant

We ensure the completeness, creditworthiness and,
veracity of the information in the rental files.
Our solution is fast and compatible with
“Unpaid Rent Guarantee” insurance

How is it working?

We check the completeness, validity and veracity of the documents present in a real estate file

1. Collection

We collect the data via email or API connection

2. Online signature

of the authorization by the tenant

3. Verification

of the file's elements

4. Deliveryof the report

in less that 48H

Why checking the file of a tenant?

15% of the real estate files verified by EveryCheck do not meet the acceptance criteria.

Check your candidate's solvency

We calculate the tenant's solvency with official documents

Gain trust

We handle the complicated verification and calculation part

Avoid fake documents

We check that the documents presented by the tenants are genuine

Our garanties

4 key aspects we are committed to


Respect of personal data and GDPR guidelines is a key focus

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Made in france

Our data centers and technical platforms are based in France

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Connect to our services with a 100% digital experience

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EveryCheck chose to engage on 5 core ethical values :

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Frequent questions

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By signing the online authorization, you give us the right to verify the documents and information on the document.

EveryCheck tenant verification is factual. The EveryCheck team checks the identity documents, the stability of the professional situation and the creditworthiness of the candidate tenant.

EveryCheck ensures, with the help of specialized lawyers, that its process is fully compliant (CNIL & RGPD).

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