Corporate social responsiblity represents the commitments from companies around sustainable environmental, social and economic development.


A CSR reporting is mandatory for 500+ employees companies, but EveryCheck chose to engage on 5 core ethical values :


Always bring more confidence to our clients 

•  Aim for a client satisfaction rate higher than 80%
•  Facilitate cross cooperation between our teams and customers through regular meetings
•  Set up control points


2 Manage ethically personal data

•  All collaborators are trained to ethical personal data management
•  We have a trained DPO among our collaborators, who holds a degree from UTT
•  EveryCheck has a transparent data security policy

Care for the well being of our team
• EveryCheck's core values are: strong determination, positive attitude et solidarity
• Social moments to strengthen bounds between collaborators
• The company fosters collaborators propositions and communication


Develop our solidarity commitment
• Skills patronage and partnerships with schools about CV creation


Reduce our environmental impact
• Waste management
• Sustainable supply
• Reduction of energy use